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Established in 1997, New Vision Endoscopy repairs all types of Rigid and Semirigid endoscopes, such as: Acmi, Arthrex, Concept, Dyonics, Gimmi, Linvatec, Lut, Olympus, Smith & Nephew, Storz, Stryker, Wolf, ... and many other brands. Our repairs include many specialty scopes, such as: operating/offset scopes, and small diameter scopes; we even repair 1.9 mm diameter 30* semirigid scopes, which are considered "un-repairable" by other companies!

Many of the scopes in today's market are very complex and sophisticated; the technology used by the manufacturers in the making process is very new and highly specialized. Manufacturers are using processes such as laser welding, soldering of the sapphire windows (SSW's), and "gold soldering".

The "gold soldering” process makes the SSW's more durable and resistant to the strong chemicals present in the sterilization solutions, which is the reason why this technology is being embraced more and more by the manufacturers.

In order to stay competitive in today's market, with all this "new technology", New Vision Endoscopy already acquired 2 laser welding machines and a laser etching machine. We also have the capability to acquire and use the "gold" SSW's for our repairs, which keeps us ahead of the competition!
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We at New Vision Endoscopy invest a lot in technology, but also in inventory; we use OEM quality lenses, tubes, fiber, adhesives, and other materials, to ensure the highest quality repairs you can get. We also invest a great deal in people, providing good/solid training and ideal working conditions, to develop highly skilled technicians capable to produce work that match, and – in many cases – exceed, the manufacturers’ standards.

You, our customer, are invited to visit our facility at any time to see for yourself that we are who we say we are, and that everything we say is true. We want our customers to rest assured that all of the repairs are done on the premises, and nothing is outsourced.

New Vision Endoscopy can manufacture (per request) any type of rigid or semirigid endoscope at a very competitive price and at a quality that can compete with any manufacturer.

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