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Frequently Asked Questions

How is shipping handled?
We can ship anywhere in the world. Our products and repairs are shipped via Federal Express, UPS or DHL. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges, including duties and taxes for international shipments.

Can you repair my defective endoscopy equipment?
New Vision Endoscopy is a repair facility, operating in its own building. Our company has 3 major departments: Administrative Department, Refiber Department, and Optical Repair Department. Our Customer Service staff is very courteous and professional, and our highly skilled technicians are capable of repairing any broken endoscope!

What kind of warranty do you offer?
Our repairs are done to meet the original manufacturer's specifications and are GUARANTEED against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days. Any new scope sold is guaranteed for 12 full months.

Do you have a returned goods policy?
The return of a repair which shows any damage upon receipt, or is not to the customer’s satisfaction, should be returned to New Vision Endoscopy within 7 days from the receipt of that repair. If the scope does not show customer damage, it will be re-done as a Warranty Repair.

Customized repairs and new scopes must be returned “unused”/in the original condition, and within 10 days from the time it was received by the customer.

Do you offer leasing?
Yes. We can offer a leasing program to suit your own specific requirements; please contact us for details.

What are your payment terms?
Payments may be made by credit card, (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), or by cashier check, company check, or money order. We offer "Net 30” terms after you receive an approved credit status.

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