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Specialty Scopes

In this category we include scopes such as: operating/offset scopes, scopes with a diameter smaller than 4.0 mm, and 5 mm or 10 mm “short” laparoscopes. They also include scopes with "extra-long systems" (optical systems with more than 14 rodlenses), or video scopes with magnetic focus adjustments, etc.).

A highly complicated scope in this category, is the 1.9 mm diameter scope which - depending on the make and model - can be with rodlenses, (like a rigid scope), or with an image guide, (like a semirigid).

Refibers Only

We do refibers for all types of rigid and semirigid endoscopes!

We have a large inventory of tubes, which allows us to repair all makes and models of these endoscopes, and rebuild them to their original state.

Because of this, our experienced technicians can refurbish any scope, no matter the condition, and make it “like new”.

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