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Semirigid Endoscope Repair

Not many companies have the capability of repairing the Semirigid Endoscopes. For us, at New Vision Endoscopy, these are common repairs. We do everything from replacing the image guide and objective, to a complete refurbishing. We can do it all, and all on our premises.

In the process of completely refurbishing a scope, we use the best light fibers available on the market, (fiber with 120* numerical aperture), to achieve the highest illumination possible. The tubing we use when we replace the channels is stainless steel micro-tubing purchased directly from Germany, from the same companies that supply to manufacturers.

After repairs are completed, all of the scopes are tested in great detail and all the Autoclavable scopes are autoclaved. We do everything possible to avoid "fogging", or any failure of the scope, in the hands of the surgeons.

We take pride in our capability to repair these delicate, complicated, and very hard to repair, endoscopes. (Some of them have channels as small as 0.30 mm; or image guides that are 0.35mm in diameter; or they have "profiled" tubes, or multiple working channels, or a flexible arm, etc., making the refiber process very difficult!) Many of the newest semirigid models are laser welded. We have the expertise and technology to do the same! We have the capability to repair even the 30* 1.9 mm diameter Semirigids!!!

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